Welcome to our website!   We’re giving you guys all access, VIP passes to the backstage of  Dave and Sara Weimer’s private lives.   We give you this honor out of respect- and likewise, we don’t want you stealing our underwear.  Catch my drift?

Try to imagine me, Dave, as ‘the thinker’ and Sara as ‘the brain’.  You can’t think without the  brain. Indeed you cannot.  Similarly, you  can’t brain without the… never mind that.   Anyway. What I’m trying to say is that the text and photos in this site are my creation but the ability to publish it to a thing called ‘cyber space’ is Sara’s fantastical trickery.

Sara grew up in Colorado and I in Florida.  We occasionally work at a scientific research station in Antarctica and we call Aurora, Colorado home. Our hearts however, belong to Alaska.

We’ve traveled to every continent, mushed dogs across the Arctic Circle, and explored some of the last wilderness’ on the planet. We love adventuring and have no plans to stop  anytime soon. Letters, stories, and photos of those excursions make up the bulk  of this website.

We provide photos, humor, and if you’re lucky-  information.

Hope you enjoy,


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