We find ALIENS!

Miles Advanced: 20.0

Weather: Clear, Windless, 3 Degrees ABOVE Zero

Elevation: 9,317 ft.

Destination: AGAP

AGAP is a field camp located 450 miles grid North-East of South Pole Station. Using Ground Penetrating Radar, scientists discovered a jagged, subglacial mountain range (complete with liquid water flowing in the valleys) some three kilometers beneath the surface of the ice. Funding for the project ran dry and now the camp is abandoned. LC 130’s can land and drop off supplies, but at nearly 12,000ft they have trouble with liftoff- so much of the cargo is still at the camp. That’s where we come in. The NSF is hoping we can drive to AGAP, get the cargo, and deposit it back in McMurdo. All this remains to be seen however because no one has traversed this area of the continent before. It’s all new ground.

This may seem exciting to some of you back in town, but to tell you the truth- IT ALL LOOKS THE SAME. Flat, white, everywhere…f@#k.

And the snow is deep, REALLY deep. Tractors got stuck, blah blah blah… so yea, you might say I’m homesick.

My wife wrote me a letter today and although I usually don’t share things like this… well, it’s Christmas.

Hey Hun, I just want you to know that I love you so much and we all miss you so much!

I know it is tough right now and you are frustrated… Just hang in there.

I will support you in anything.

You will be heading on a new adventure soon, something that no one has ever done before.

That should help things… you will be home in no time! When you get back we can celebrate birthdays and Christmas!

Just hang in there and know that I love you and our awesome life together! We will go skiing and snowshoeing when you get home.

I love you!!! And miss you so so much!!!


Miles Advanced Towards AGAP: 51.5

Temperature: -14f. Ambient

Spotted something on the horizon with my scope, looked like some kind of disk- we thought it might be a Long Duration Balloon for observing the Ozone Hole. Decided to inspect and when we got near, this is what we saw-

Could it be some kind of intergalactic alien spaceship? Yup! Buck and McLovin’ were the first to investigate and sure enough, two little metallic looking spacemen greeted us.

They appeared to be stranded and in desperate need of a ride. We got on the sat phone and called up headquarters who ordered us to try and befriend the aliens, gain their trust, and then bring them back to Pole for immediate dissection.


The aliens are easily manipulated.  We buy their friendship with gifts- candy, coffee, booze… and necklaces.

The aliens trust us completely.  We all hold hands and pretend to admire the Sundog.

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