Moonregan Traverse

Miles Advanced: 0

Weather: Stiff Wind, Clear Skies

Wind-Chill: -25F

Location: Same place we’ve been for the last 4 days.

The mechanics got Ozone started (front-end loader) which was a miracle because I don’t know how we would have freed the tractors without it.

There was still a ton of shoveling as every nook and cranny was jammed packed with Antarctic concrete. Dosinga was heard saying, “I think I’m getting carpal back.” The electronics on the Prinoth were stuffed full of snow too and we used a Chillmat (for heating not chilling) to melt them out.

The Moonregan Traverse came through- what nice guys! It was super cool to have guests as we haven’t seen anyone else for about a month now. 10 guys, mostly British, although a couple Icelandic, and one American.

The sole American and mountaineer of the expedition happened to be Vern Tejas! I had never met Vern before but I’d heard many stories. Vern is an Alaskan Legend and my freakin’ hero! He made the first solo winter ascent of Denali, guided Antarctic legend Norman Vaughan to the summit of the peak that bares his name, and has the most summits of Vinson Massif (Antarctica’s highest mountain) at 26. I didn’t look this up- I just know this stuff. You might say I have a man crush. Anyway, he was super cool and let me drive one of the Moonregan vehicles in a circle. It was the best circle I have ever driven.

Anyway, we gave the Moonregan guys a Banoffi pie and a couple bottles of wine, cause that’s how we roll. Side Note: Moonregan dudes didn’t bring any booze with them. Crazy I say. End Note.

Miles Advanced: 13.9

Total Mileage: 837

Temp: -23 Ambient

So tired, the whole freakin’ crew is sore and grumpy as hell.

I am living off Ibuprofen. Somehow we managed to get everything dug out. Loads reconfigured yet again. And we are on the move.

The Moonregan crew made it all the way to the Ross Ice Shelf and back in two days- said they got sloshed on the wine we gave them- nice! God they’re fast- I hate them for that!

It was my day to cook so I got some BBQ chicken and washed all that nasty kiwi barbeque sauce off. Then I made Weimer’s Surprise. It’s like a Curry Dish. Not as good as Two Fat Indians in Christchurch , but pretty good. Actually, it was really good. Really really good! In fact, the whole crew gave me a standing ovation. I made that last part up. But like I said, it was good… really good.

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