Katmai Brown Bears

After floating American Creek, I decided to check out Brooks Camp which is known for its high concentration of Brown Bears. I had heard all the rumors- that the place was just one big tourist trap. But I went anyway, and was very glad that I did. In all my years if visiting Alaska I have never been able to get that close to wild bears without absolute fear for my life.

So what exactly is a Brown Bear? I used to think a Brown Bear was just a Grizzly Bear that took vacations to the coast. But after a quick wiki search it appears that I am wrong in that assumption. Grizzly Bears are actually a subspecies of Brown Bears. Anyway, the Brown Bears of Katmai are huge. With an abundant source of food (salmon), Brown Bears can grow to be 1500 lbs. Their cousins, the inland grizzlies, top out around 800.

I set my tent up at the campground which is set inside an electric fence. The campground can accommodate 60 campers and it’s booked for most of July. Make your reservations online before you go or you’ll be camping a mile away somewhere. That would not be recommended.

I could spend hours and hours at the platforms watching the bears do their thing. If you are an Alaskan and have never been to Brooks Camp- I would strongly suggest you visit. It’s $188 bucks roundtrip flight from King Salmon.

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