2013-2014 South Pole Traverse – Day 7

Day: 7
Miles Advanced: 35.7
Weather: Blowing snow, wind at 40 knots, visibility 50ft.
Nasty weather. We drove for a few hours today but after lunch conditions deteriorated. Visibility was reduced to the point where I could only see the tractor immediately in front. The lead guys with the ground penetrating radar (GPR) had a tough time identifying the trail so for safety reasons we stopped and parked the modules. The gusts of wind were so ferocious they rocked my tractor like ship at sea. We had to fuel our vehicles in that nonsense. In the tractor I had the heat on high while I sipped coffee. I observed the blizzard with a sort of detached fascination. “Cool, there’s blizzard out there!” However, once outside I was met with the realities of the situation head on. I was instantly cold, my hands turned to wood, and my face felt like it was being sandblasted with snow. Not fun.
There are actually two traverses this year. South Pole Traverse 1 (SPoT1) and SPoT2. We are SPoT1. Some people call us the “best of the best”. Anyway, SPoT2 will be departing McMurdo in a couple weeks taking full advantage of the trail we blaze. SPoT1 members are fully aware that every day we sit in camp, SPoT2 is gaining on us. To be honest, I would rather die than have those SPoT2 fucktards steal our glory. In fact, I would rather impale myself on a shovel (hari-kari style), than let SPoT2 get to pole first. They are called #2 for a reason- because they are like poop and don’t deserve privileges that SPoT1 has worked so hard for.



Fueling During the Storm
Fueling during the storm



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