2013-2014 South Pole Traverse – Day 16

Day 16
Miles Advanced: 51.8
Total Mileage: 845.6
Temperatures: -22F Ambient; -61F Wind-chill


Yesterday awoke to a delightful brunch of bacon, toast, and hash browns. We forgot the eggs in McMurdo so we scrambled up some pumpkin pie instead. While we ate, Bill played classical guitar melodies with such skill we were all impressed. Had I not looked out the window, it would have been easy to forget our present circumstances high on the polar plateau. It was a fine morning and well deserved too.


We are at an elevation of 8,300ft. Our barometer says we are a good thousand feet higher due to less geophysical pressure at polar latitudes. To counter the effects of altitude sickness, our mountaineer says we should take Diamox prophylactically. I will unfortunately suffer because I refuse to put anything in my butt.


The altitude also plays havoc with our tractors. They do not like the cold or lack of oxygen and once they are shut down are very hard to coax back to life.


In the pictures you will see our grey water outfall from the sink and shower. We don’t collect our grey water but we do collect our urine which is stored in 55 gallon drums.


The other picture is microwaved Beef Satay. It looks like dog food but tastes surprisingly good.





Grey Water Sewage
Grey Water Sewage



Beef Satay
Beef Satay

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