Greenlandic Rabbit Invasion!

OK, so they’re not really rabbits- they’re Arctic hares. And they aren’t really invading, they’re just hoppin’ around eating grass, THINKING about invading. They’re sneaky that way.

While working in Thule I noticed a few unusually large rabbits hanging around. These hares had strange little smirks on their faces like they knew something I didn’t.


That’s hatred on his face.


So I started taking pictures. One day there were four rabbits- then the next ten.


Erik the rabbit whisperer


A week later there were herds of rabbits over a hundred strong. Erik, Ben, and I drove out to the ice ramp and spotted a herd of nearly 500.

IMG_4380 (2)

Of course no one believed us. Herds of giant rabbits in the Arctic? So on our day off I took a few of my naysaying co-workers on safari and sure enough we found a herd- not the biggest but a large one nonetheless.

IMG_4368 (2)

IMG_4387 (2)

IMG_4384 (2)

Herd above DET1

IMG_4251 (2)

There are going to be a lot of Arctic foxes next year- maybe herds of them!

Hiking Mt. Dundas, Greenland

Paul and I are in Thule, doing some work for GrIT (Greenland Inland Traverse). After work we decided to do the classic climb of Mt Dundas- which is a steep but flat topped mountain just outside of town. Here’s a couple pics.


Picture of Thule taken from the air during the 1960’s, Mt Dundas in background. The trail up the mountain is highlighted in red

IMG_5194 IMG_5203


View from the top, looking north over Wolstenholme Fjord


The view of Thule as it is today.