The Plateau Is Cold

Day 24

Miles Advanced: 49.3

Total Mileage: 823.1

Weather: Wind 20 mph, Ambient Temp. -15f, WC -61f

Yup, the Plateau, cold as all heck. We meandered our way out of the deep snow and made some good miles. Had our first cracked sled of the season- we just dropped that sled and its bladders and will use them as resupply on the way back from Pole.

Tomorrow we will be entering an area we call Sastrugi National Park . Sastrugi are large hummocks of ice and snow that have been sculpted by the wind. They are wave-like in appearance and often form into delicate fins and arches. They can be very picturesque and some might even call them beautiful- I call them a big pain in the butt. Speaking of the pain in my butt, sitting on my rump for 12 hours a day hasn’t been good. Dosinga took a picture of my legs. Don’t they look weird?

Miles Advanced: 0

Weather: 30knt Winds, -14f Ambient, -70f WC

Visibility: 35ft.

First of all, I’d like to thank those that took it upon themselves to email my boss, and my boss’ boss about my legs. Thank you for caring about me. Unfortunately, as you will see in the picture below- my legs have swollen even more! With this weather, there would be no chance for a medivac. I’m going to miss those sweet-a$$ legs of mine.

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