Miles Advanced: None                                                                                                                                       Weather: Whiteout, Wind-Chill 27 Below

Location: Lower Leverette Glacier

The wind was pounding the Living Module at 3:00am and it was getting serious. We attempted to hook up our loads around 9 but it was no use, we couldn’t even see the first flag which was less than 50ft away.

So we parked and decided to watch a movie. Which one? ‘Whitout’ with Kate Beckensale of course. Glenn wants me to tell you that he actually drove the Tucker Snowcat from the movie. He’s proud of that. Some read books, others caught up on their sleep.

With the extra time- Storm made a delicious Mexican dinner and even baked cookies- what a guy!

Above: Galen almost gets blown away, just like the movie ‘Whiteout’!

Miles Advanced: 30.0

Total Mileage: 728.2

Weather: Morning Fog Then Clear, 10 Degrees

Elevation: 4,117ft.

We’ve been plagued by some ‘not-so-great’ weather but today made up for all of it. We advanced just 30 miles cause we had to do some shuttling up the hills but the views were spectacular and I didn’t mind it so much.

I tried to re-create Robshaw’s Traversalini tonight and I must say it turned out pretty dang good.

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