2013-2014 South Pole Traverse – Day 11

Day 11
Miles Advanced: 76.8
Elevation: 311ft
Weather: Ground Storm, Blowing 30 knots

I’m not what you would call a civilized man. I’ve broken with all of society for reasons which I alone can appreciate. I therefore don’t obey by its rules.

Jules Vern
20,000 Leagues Under the Sea

I’ve got like 20 audiobooks as well as some podcasts. The audiobooks are the best and I’ve spent a small fortune on them. I can get free books on tape but they are read by dudes that have lisps n’ stuff which really sucks to listen to for long periods of time.

We are finally close enough to the continent to see mountains. They are lofty, precipitous, and wild but our views haven’t been that great so far because they are shrouded in lenticular clouds. The wind this year has been hellacious and unrelenting. It’s blowing 30 knots outside right now which is like hurricane force- it sucks. Hopefully it’ll stop when we get to the glaciers. I want to see up Axel Heiberg ,Glacier which is the one Amundsen went up. I don’t think that feat has ever been repeated.

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