2013-2014 South Pole Traverse – Day 13

Day 13
Miles Advanced: 64.6
Miles Total: 708.8
Location: Leverette Glacier
Weather: Sunny, 11F


We started the ascent of the Leverette Glacier. It’s every ones favorite part of the trip because the views of the surrounding mountains are fantastic. Especially up the Scott Glacier. Bald, pyramid shaped peaks jut straight out of blue ice and tower above like sentinels guarding the valley. Those peaks are a rock climbers dream, I wonder if they’ve ever been climbed.


At the base of the Leverette we built a large snow berm to cache our fuel on. We place our bladders on top of the hill so our fuel isn’t completely buried by snow when we return.


We were told that SPoT2 will be leaving McMurdo shortly and for some reason they can’t find any shovels. They claim we “accidentally” took them all. Personally, I require TWO shovels on my tractor at all times. Additionally, I keep one shovel under my bed in case my roommate tries anything. I also require three spare shovels just in case I break the three I previously mentioned. Anyway, if SPoT2 gets stuck in a snowbank somewhere (which I’m sure they will) we will be more than happy to come save the crybabies.



Leverette Glacier
Leverette Glacier



Leverette Glacier
Leverette Glacier



Scott Mountains
Scott Mountains

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