In Praise of Brooker Creek, Florida



The area where Brooker Creek meets Tarpon Lake is a very special place. Wildlife tends to congregate there. And yea gators too but I’ve never been bothered by them. Of course I don’t go at night when they are most active. Funny thing. The day after I took this picture, the local news paper reported that two people were bitten by gators in two separate incidents. That is a very rare thing indeed. I believe you’d have a better chance of being hit by a meteorite. These are American Alligators- not African Crocodiles.




Cypress Swamp. Not a single mosquito bit those beautiful white legs of mine. No mosquitos in the wet season? Never thought about it before.


Upper Brooker Creek


These cypress trees can grow to be several feet in diameter and were once logged heavily. I’ve seen cypress stumps in Chassahowitzka the size of redwoods.


Apple snail


Apple snail eggs


DPP_0010 DPP_0012 DPP_0014

Oak tree limbs tend to grow horizontally- I loved playing on them when I was a kid.


Baby Gator. I’ve seen lots of baby gators in Brooker Creek, the bigger ones stay out near the lake. Perhaps its a sanctuary for them.

DPP_0016 IMG_5430 IMG_5447   IMG_5473

All this beauty running underneath McMullen Booth Rd. Smack That!


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