Hiking Mt. Dundas, Greenland

Paul and I are in Thule, doing some work for GrIT (Greenland Inland Traverse). After work we decided to do the classic climb of Mt Dundas- which is a steep but flat topped mountain just outside of town. Here’s a couple pics.


Picture of Thule taken from the air during the 1960’s, Mt Dundas in background. The trail up the mountain is highlighted in red

IMG_5194 IMG_5203


View from the top, looking north over Wolstenholme Fjord


The view of Thule as it is today.


5 thoughts on “Hiking Mt. Dundas, Greenland

  • I was stationed @ Fhule AB, Greenland from Jan 1, 1958 until Jun 1, 1958 when I was transferred to Offutt AFB Bellevue, NE. I would like, if possible, to be refreshed ref; The height of Mt. Dundas in Feet. Thank you! Forrest Slater, Jr. USAF 1956-60.

    • Wow Forrest, you were in Thule during its heyday! That must have been a very busy, exciting, scary time! Thanks for your service! Mt. Dundas shoots straight out of the sea and tops out at 724ft.

  • Hey, I was showing my boyfriend pictures of Greenland to show him where I traveled…in 2007 I climb Mt Dundas and wrote my name on a rock at the top…and I was thinking how cool would it be to zoom in and see my name…well I did…and there it was!!! Erica Riley Nova Scotia!!!!!! Just thought I’d share this cool experience with you! Thanks :)

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